My Story: 

Dan Kathman is an Entrepreneur, Video Creator, Photographer, Podcast Host, Author, Actor & Comedian living in Dallas, TX. Or as his Entertainment YouTube banner reads: "The Renaissance Man." If you've seen it, it's on a picture of a funny face. 


He's been writing since he was a kid. Before embarking upon his first novel at 20, he wrote many short film screenplays. In fact, his first book, Elves, was originally a screenplay. 

Dan took out a student loan his first year in college to start his first business at 19-years-old. Aside from entrepreneurship, Dan's background is in entertainment. He has been performing and making videos since he was about 7. He's started acting at 15, been in over 25 productions, winning many awards as an actor and writer. He started stand-up at 18, and did that for many years, but now more focused on funny online content. Aside from his videos, he's produced and stared in many independent films. 


Dan was actually an athlete for most of his life before getting hurt and falling into the arts. He's 6' 2" 175. He was an MVP Pitcher & Closing Batter in Baseball, Tight-End & DE in Football & Shooting Guard in Basketball. His freshman year he pitched a very rare perfect game. After that he was pitching for Varsity in the off-season. 2 years before that, when he was just 12 years old, he was named MVP of the city with a batting average of 735 and took his team to the Little League World Series. Only to have a seizure on the way, later diagnosed with Epilepsy, and was unfit to play.


He finished that year of football, but not without many issues. He had to hang that hat up. His sophomore year of high school, he was moved across country due to his dad's job, and started over. More so than he would've hoped. He threw out his arm during baseball tryouts, and in the same week, severely pulled his hamstring on the run home from basketball tryouts. He was on crutches. So no sports that year. Then he met two very attractive seniors who convinced him to join their competitive acting troupe, and that was it. Performing was Dan's secret passion since he was child, and he fell right into it. The funny thing is, no one ever knew that he could even play sports.

Becoming an author was just a dream that very few people knew. Growing-up, Dan struggled with reading in school. Loved books, but it was such an effort to read. He was in extra help classes, and spent a few summers with a teacher who would teach him how to read. Even so, he still finished last on every test. Nevertheless, he was a straight-A student, and went to college on an academic scholarship. But he almost didn't. 


Dan didn't really want to go to college. He liked the idea of it, but he struggled in school. He was in speech class for a speech impediment from K- 4th. He had to take a full-fledged IQ test with someone from the state to "graduate." Speech class is in the special education department. After a meeting with his parents, they made him retake it, because in their words, he scored off the charts. Which was odd for someone who struggles in school and finishes last on every test. So I took it again. And although not as high, still well above the requirements to get into Mensa. Even though he never joined. We'd later learn that Epilepsy played a significant factor in his struggles with reading comprehension and performances on standardized testing. So this created an interested paradox for Dan at an early age, how could I have to work so hard for basic homework, finish last on every test, and yet, be in the top 1% of people with an IQ.


So this among many other life altering things lead Dan down his trailblazing path instead of what's deemed as the "normal" or "regular" way. 

Dan couldn't imagine not being entrepreneur or entertainer. He sold candy out his backpack in his school, despite being incredibly shy at a young age. He made necklaces and sold them, mowed lawns, etc. Aside from that he was making videos with friends starting on his 7th birthday, and performing in-front of the fireplace for his family and guests, and of course alone in his room, much like his videos today. Even when he briefly had a a few "real jobs," starting at 16, he was either trying figure out his next business venture, or coming up with videos to make. 

He is a big Dallas Cowboys fan, he likes anything with wheels or anything that would make for a good video, he loves the movie theatre and the book store, he's always had many friends around as a kid, but is okay with being a lone wolf. He'll even go to the movies or eat by himself. Doesn't care & it's honestly enjoyable to him. An obvious extrovert who's fine with being alone. He thanks God everyday for everything He's given him.

Dan now has a photography and video production business: Dan Kathman Studios. As you can see from his site, a few other business ventures, espeically online. And he creates both Entertaining & Educational Content on two separate channels, Writes a Blog, and has a Podcast. So Business & Creating Content is what he does now & loves every second of it.