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Commercial Photography

Generally Creative Commerical prices are a per project basis. It depends on the complexity of the project, if concept creation is needed, length & involvement from pre to post production, location or studio, hiring models or actors, props, hair & make-up, etc. Average Commerical Rate is $1500. Please contact me & I'd be happy to help!

One of the handful of Billboards we Shot & Designed 

Bill Moomaw Billboard May 2020.jpg


We're a Full-Service Production Company with a Brick & Mortar Studio in Clearwater, FL.


  • 10+ Years in Business

  • 10+ Million Views in Short-From Videos Online

  • Content Creator on 4 of Discovery's MotorTrend TV Shows.

  • And a Real Production Studio with Offices, Cyc Walls, Backdrops, Dressing Room, the whole nine.

We're not just some kid with a camera.

Although, that's where it started.


Dan Kathman has been making videos online since the early days of YouTube, and he actually started making videos at age 7. He started his first Video Production and Photography company while in college at 19-years-old.

We've worked with national & international companies as well as mom & pop shops. Dan's directed, produced, written, shot and edited

films/commercials/online/etc. He can or has done nearly every position on a set. He's also starred and acted in over 25 productions. 


He's also an expert marketer and advertiser.

Graduated with Honors from USF. 

Did we mention he's gone viral with his comedy videos online more than a few times?

Look him up anywhere, but especially on TikTok @DanKathman.


The Goal of the company is to help small businesses, to help people, to entertain people, and to create some amazing stuff while doing it.

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