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The goal of this company is to help people and businesses build a real brand online, and not just get sales in the short-term, but build staying power for themselves and brands with creative and valuable content online. 


Dan Kathman is the owner of said studio in Clearwater, FL. Aside from it having a big white cyc wall, black wall, huge multi-color backdrops, a dressing room, sound booth, a podcast room, and lobby, it's also where he makes the majority of his content. 

Dan's been making videos online since the days of YouTube, and he actually started making videos at age 7. He started his first video production and Photogrpahy company at 19.

He's worked with national & international companies as well as mom & pop shops. He's directed, produced, written, shot and edited

films/commercials/etc. He can do nearly every position on a set. He's also stared and acted in over 25 productions. 

He doesn't yet have millions of followers or many multi-billion dollar companies. Dan's story has a little more ups and downs and he could write a book on Grit. He knows what not to do, first-hand, and he's read over 100 books in the space.

He's had several viral videos on TikTok with millions of views and currently clocking in 50K followers on that platform alone. He has first-hand experience and he's constantly keeping up with what's working and what's not. 

His goal is to continue to build this company to help other companies, or "they're just people" as he likes to say, build their brands, market with content and advertise online, so they can not only get their needed products or services to the world, but also give value to the world through content on top of that. 

It's an amazing thing when creativity can not only bring people joy, entertainment & education, but also camaraderie, sense of belonging and job security.