5 Ways to Change Your Perspective to Make Content for Yourself or Business

Most businesses and people are afraid to make content online out of fear of what people will think, not knowing what they should do, looking stupid, or worse, everyone realizing you're not what you claim to be and your life, where you live, and what you do is all actually quit boring & you're a fraud!

You're not boring.

You're not a fraud.

Your city doesn't suck.

Your career or business isn't that boring. Probably.

I'm going to give you 5 ways to change your perspective, and get started making content for yourself or your business. And in business, we call this: Content Marketing.

But first a personal example.

Here's a drone video I took of the beach that's 15 minutes from me. Looks amazing right? What if I told you I hardly ever go? What if I told you that I don't ever really think about it? What if I told you that MOST people who leave near the beach, like my friends in Clearwater, Tampa, St. Pete Florida, hardly ever actually go to the beach.

This may seem crazy to people who live NO WHERE NEAR the beach. And those same people might say they'd go to the beach all the time, and practically live on the beach if they lived here, and some would, but after a while, most wouldn't.

Why? Because we get use to the environment we're in.

What was once shinny and new and is just the phone you use, the camera you take pictures and make videos with, the car you drive, the place you live, or, going a little deep, but the person you're with.

That big pay bump, job promotion, and huge increase in revenue is now just what you make, and somehow you've increased your spending so you're still living paycheck to paycheck.

Too far?

It's often true.

So maybe your life doesn't suck as bad as you think.

Maybe your business would be very exciting for other people to see behind the scenes.

Maybe you would give the best advice in the world on something.

Maybe your city was rated the #1 Beach in the country by USA Today and Trip Advisor.

Maybe you're a lot more attractive than you think.

Maybe you're a lot smarter, a lot better, and a lot of people would benefit from your skills, knowledge, experience, education or entertainment.


So if this sounds like you, here's 5 ways to gain a new perspective and start making content right where you are with what you got right now, so you can further your personal and business brand.

#1 Take a Step Back & Get Out Of Your Own Head

You've talked yourself to death up there. It's about time you get out of your head for a second and take some inventory on your life, yourself, and business.

What are you good at?

What do people ask you to do for them often?

What assets do you already have that maybe you bought for yourself or business?

What skills do already have that you don't even got to think about anymore, you just do it, and often get complimented on it, but you brush it off?

What kind of life or career do you fantasize about?

What do other people say about where you live or the general public?

What do your friends always tell you about yourself, or what do they assume about you?

If you were your own friend, what advice would you give yourself?

If you were talking to you, what positive things would you say to you?

Asking these kinds of questions gives you a different perspective, and gets you out of your head a bit. Once you do that, you might start to see where your unique skills, talents and assets lie so that you may utilize those things to create content for your personal brand or business.

#2 What are some things you want to do, but fear doing because you feel like it's super off brand for you?

This may not be too hard to think of, but it might be hard to act on.

Whether or not we have an online presence, we feel like we've build a brand around ourselves, aka a reputation. People, the general public, our friends, our family, and the group of followers we have online all might see us differently, or if you're lucky, they may all see you the same.

Either way, you have a way certain people see you. Whether that's one way of several. There are some things you might not want to post on your page, because you feel it's off brand for your page. Think about those things. What are they?

Do you usually make funny videos and you really want to give advice or talk business?

Do you only talk about real estate, but want to let your funny fly?

Do you sing one genre but want to try others or maybe teach?

Do you want to talk about social media, but only ever post your photography?

Do you want to do podcasts by yourself, but only ever do interviews?

Do you wanna talk movies instead of what you've been doing?

Everyone's got something.

I think it's great! And very exciting.

The question you have to ask yourself now is: Do I want to add this in into the mix of my page or channel that I have now, do I want to completely shift and only do this now, or do I want to start another page/channel/business where I only talk about or do that kind of content?

To each is own for this one. All of the above can work. It's up to you and how you feel, and how you feel about the current strength of your content or page.

Do you have a strong following and this would be out of left field and you might lose everyone? Then maybe consider starting another page/channel/business.

Are you just starting or tried a few things? Then keep trying. Throw stuff at the wall until you see what sticks.