DIY Content Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Here’s some awesome, simple and highly effective content marketing ideas for small business owners such as: Chiropractors, Realtors, Builders & Yard Maintenance companies.

Make short videos of just you doing your job & working.

Sometimes there is no real need to come up with a grand idea. Just record a session or you doing your job!

Chiropractors: Record sessions with customers that are cool with it. Put your phone on a tripod, get 1 light, and one lav mic to hear that crack better, and boom. You’ve got a TikTok page, Instagram & Facebook content for days!

Here's an example of a Doctor who does just that alone, and now has over 3.5 Million followers and often gets hundreds of thousands or millions of views a video. People now travel from around the country to come get adjusted from him.

Realtors: Record a day in the life of a realtor! Just use your phone, set it up so it’s stable, and just show you working at your computer, driving to houses, meeting clients, putting signs in the yard, making phone calls, and boom. Cut that into 15-60 seconds and you got a video. Post on TikTok, Instagram Reels & YouTube Shorts for higher engagement.

You can also do quick tips and advice. Be casual. Be real. And just give your knowledge away. It'll eventually pay in multiple dividends.

You may be on the next Netflix season of a real estate show too.

Builders: Timelapses & Before and afters all day everyday! If you’re not doing this, you don’t even need my company to do this.

Just get your phone out, pan left to right with the video app, then again in the same spot when it’s done, and cut the two together in one video. You'll get a quick highly effective 6-15 second video & you can probably crank those out daily or multiple times a day if you're busy.

Just post them on TikTok & Instagram Reels and watch the views and potential clients pour in. This screen shot of a video below was just 6 seconds before and after a house build and it nearly has a million views!

Yard Maintenance Companies: So many people satisfying video opportunities is ridiculous. TikTok is flooded with these speed up videos of people edging, cutting, and redoing yards and sidewalks. Some have millions of views and followers.

Just put your phone on a tripod, point it at what you’re doing, you don’t even need to see your face, and speed it up by choosing Timelapse on your phone.

Put them all together and show the finishing project and you’ll get tons of engagement from OCD people like me who love satisfying and clean looking things.

Hope this helps!

If you want more personal help from my production company & digital marketing agency, just email us, and we'd be happy to help.



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