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At Dan Kathman Studios LLC we essentially serve two people: The Creative who needs to rent a studio space for their shoots & The Businesses that needs creative services to market, advertise and grow their business and brand. Check out our list of services below and contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Our Services

Studio Space Rental Services

Rent our state-of-the-art studio for your next shoot! Enjoy renting our studio for photoshoots, video shoots or content creation for your business, brand or client needs to increase credibility and quality results for all your content.

Agency Services

Partner with our agency to enhance your brand online, attract leads, and drive growth through expert creative services, online marketing, and advertising. Our Primary Clients for our Services are Small-to-Medium Size Businesses working together on a regular basis.

Consulting Services

This service is great for creatives wanting to take their creative business from nothing to making a living, or local businesses that don't have the budget for an agency, but need the regular guidance to DIY it themselves. Get unmatched 1-on-1 advice with Dan Kathman himself on a regular basis. Take your company and yourself to the next level.

Photography Services

Dan Kathman has had a camera in his hand since he was 7-years-old. He learned Photogrpahy in a dark room, and was working for himself professionally by the time he was 19-years-old. His first studio was in his Mom's House, and it became quite profitable. He created a Headshot Photogrpahy & Real Estate Photography business in Dallas, and then moved to his now studio in Clearwater, FL. He's taken photos of celebrities, TV personalities, and works with many National and local companies. He's known as one of the best photographers in the area. He also has many talented photographers who work with him.

Video Production Services

Dan Kathman is a USF Honors Grad with a degree in TV Production, and he previously owned a local production company CWC Studios, LLC in Tampa from 2009-2014 where they produced Marketing videos for National companies, Training Videos for companies such as McDonalds, Advertisements for Local & National Companies and much more. Dan now owns Dan Kathman Studios, LLC where he continues to produce videos for National & Local Clients. His company Created Content for 5 National TV Shows. They have gotten more than 10+ Million views online with many viral hits, have over 15 years experience and an in-house studio. Not very many can match this company's resume.

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